Our factory is capable of working on any Hydraulic unit up to 5.5m with a weight of 8000kg.
We also have chrome plating facilities whereby a large rod that is damaged can be re-chromed and precision ground back within spec.

Anderson Hydraulics’ quotation service is provided completely FREE of charge. In the event that you experience a failure with any hydraulic cylinder, regardless of where it was purchased from or the age of the unit, it will be collected from any location in the UK and inspected by a highly qualified and experienced technician. A comprehensive and highly competitive quotation will then be made on the unit. Should the unit be beyond economical repair or outside of your budget the unit will be returned completely without charge. Experience shows that Anderson Hydraulics remains one of the most competitively priced companies in the country along with the high level of service it is sure that it can meet your requirements.

A quantity of earth moving rams are available as “Service Ex”. If you experience a failure with a hydraulic cylinder whilst on a project the faulty item can be replaced with a fully functioning unit whilst a repair is initiated.