We bring together the state-of-the-art equipment and chemical control needed with the skill and knowledge of our team to offer an exceptional chroming service for your Plant Hire machinery. 

Chroming is done to customers specifications and/or OEM Specifications, backed up by a ISO 9001 QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM.

Here are just a few reasons why chroming is such a popular repair option.

  • Increased Hardness: Without changing the properties of the steel, your component gain hardness with the process of chrome plating.
  • Sacrificial Wear Layer: Hard chrome deposits can be removed appropriately with chemical strippers, all without impacting the base material.
  • Lubricant Retention: Oil Retention is promoted by the microcrack properties.  This allows for better lubricity of the treated areas.
  • Wear Resistance:  Your ram is robust to abrasion and mechanical contact due to the hardness and low friction of hard chrome.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Rams get an added resistance to atmospheric oxidation and improved resistance to oxidizing and reducing agents.
  • Low Friction: Hard chrome has low coefficient of friction.  This allows a component to operate at lower levels of temperature.  You can then be guaranteed an extended life due to the lower temperature during operation.

Our commitment to client satisfaction and excellence means every hydraulic ram treated at Anderson Hydraulics is rigorously tested according to our customer’s requirements. 

Feel free to speak to our team to visit our facility and see our technical team in action!

Refurbished Hitachi Ram and refurbished Yoke

CAT Loader Ram

Hitachi Excavator Ram