We offer complete ram repairs to our Rail Industry clients.  Each repair consists of replacing seals, honing tubes, and polishing rods.

As an integral part of our quality process, all hydraulic ram repairs are tested to their rated pressures before leaving our facility.  Anderson Hydraulics factory can repair any Hydraulic unit up to 5.5m with a weight of 8000kg.  All repairs are to customers specifications and/or OEM Specifications, backed up by a ISO 9001 QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM.

Before replacing your ram with an expensive new unit, first contact us for a free non obligated quotation.

Here are some of the common problems we see daily.  We can successfully repair the rams and stay in budget provided by our customers.

  • Bent rods
  • Rusty or pitted chrome rods
  • Scored rods
  • Dented rams
  • Leaking Seals
  • Scored rams
  • Warn or damaged glands/mounts

Our commitment to client satisfaction and excellence means every hydraulic ram repaired at Anderson Hydraulics is rigorously tested according to our customer’s requirements. 

Feel free to speak to our team to visit our facility and see our technical team in action!

Full set of Komatsu PW170 Excavator Rams

Komatsu PW160 rod extended modification

Two Rail Gear Rams and Mounting Blocks fully refurbished